I ADORE Thee, O Word incarnate, true Son of God from all eternity, and true Son of Mary ever Vіrgіn in the fulness of time. When I adore Thy divine person, and the humanity united to Thy divinity, I venerate the poor manger which welcomed Thee when an infant, and which was truly the throne of Thy love. I prostrate myself before it with the simplicity of the shepherds, with the faith of Joseph, with the love of Mary. I bow down in veneration of this precious memorial of our salvation with the same spirit of mortification, poverty, and humility with which Thou, though the Lord of heaven and earth, didst choose for Thyself a manger wherein to lay Thy tender infant limbs. And Thou, O Lord, who in Thine infancy didst deign to lay Thyself in this manger, vouchsafe also to pour into my heart a drop of that joy to which the sight of Thy lovely childhood, and the miracles which accompanied Thy birth, gave rise. By that holy birth, I now implore Thee to grant to all the world peace and goodwill, and in the name of the whole human race I render thanks and honor to God the Father, and to God the Holy Spirit, who with Thee live and reign one God world without end. Amen.

Indulgence of 100 days, once a day. — Pius IX, Oct. 1, 1861.

MOST dear Lord Jesus Christ Who, being made an infant for us, wast willing to be born in a cave, to free us from the darkness of sin, to draw us to Thyself, and to inflame us with Thy holy love; we adore Thee as our Creator and Redeemer, we accept and choose Thee for our King and Lord, and for tribute we offer Thee all the affections of our poor hearts. Dear Jesus, Our Lord and God, deign to accept this offering, and that it may be worthy of Thine acceptance, pardon us our faults, enlighten us, and inflame us with that holy fire which Thou camest to bring into the world and enkindle in men's hearts. May our souls thus become a perpetual sacrifice in Thy honor. Grant that we may ever seek Thy greater glory here on earth, so that we may one day come to rejoice in Thy infinite loveliness in Heaven. Amen.

Indulgence of 100 days, once a day. — Leo XIII, Jan. 18, 1894.



Heavenly Father, in your merciful kindness you sent your only Son, our Lord Jesus, to save us when we were strayed and lost. As a tiny baby He came among us to win our love and touch our hearts. Help us, Father Almighty, to understand the extent of your loving goodness, so visible in the humble life of your divine Son. By the intercession of our Vіrgіn-Mother, Mary most holy, assist us to imitate her faith in our daily life.


Father in heaven, we are powerless to please you without your help. Your only Son, our Lord Jesus, by His life and death broke the chains of sin and death that held us bound. He came as an infant among us so that the power of God might be made manifest in an infant's helplessness, and that we might see strength made perfect in weakness. Help us, Father, to fathom the mystery of Christ's birth. Amen.


Heavenly Father, in the scene at Bethlehem we behold the three on earth who did your holy will, the infant Jesus, His mother Mary, and His foster father, St. Joseph. By their example and aid help us now to imitate Christ's humility, the faith of Mary, Vіrgіn and Mother, and the obedience of St. Joseph. Amen.


Father in heaven, the Christ child in His crib reminds us of His command to become like little children trusting confidently in you alone, our Father, with the confidence and guilelessness of a child. Help us, Lord, not to prove wicked, greedy, and selfish as we contemplate Christ's humble birth, and always to model our life and hopes on Christ, our Lord. Amen.


Father all-loving, the children of this world seldom appreciate where true joy is to be found. They had no room for the Holy Family, they slaughtered the Holy Innocents, eventually they crucified our Lord. Help us in your loving kindness to see Christ, Himself, in all who are in need, and to treat each person we encounter as if he were the Lord, Himself. Amen.


Father in heaven, how great our joy should be in calling you Father, in knowing your Son as our brother. Help us to realize how little the circumstances of our life mean in comparison, how petty our selfish concerns. By your saving grace assist us in keeping close to Christ, and in sharing the good news of our salvation with all who have not heard or understood it. Amen.


Father all-powerful, the news of Christ's coming was first conveyed to the poor shepherds, not to the rich and comfortable. Help us to respond speedily to your will in all we do. In obeying your word we will find the happiness and peace we seek, we will see Christ the Lord in all the vicissitudes of this life. Amen.


Heavenly Father, in your kindness send your Holy Spirit to enlighten our minds and strengthen our resolve. By the intercession of the blessed Vіrgіn Mary we learn the secret of prayerful meditation on the mysteries of our faith. May we by your gracious favor become ever closer in mind and heart to your divine Son. Amen.


All-loving Father, you have created each of us with love and without our cooperation, but you will not save us without it. Help us, Father, to receive the Gospel message with grateful heart, and to practice what it demands with a single-minded and sincere resolve to be like your divine Son, and to please you in all things as He did. Amen.


Most loving Father, you guided the wise men in their search for the newborn King as you did the shepherds. They understood at once, worshipped the infant Savior, and presented their gifts. Help us in our pilgrimage to heaven to be as wise as the Magi, and as simple as the shepherds in finding Christ, our Lord, and worshipping Him in sincerity of heart. Amen.