Most Sacred Heart



LONDON, 1852


Blessed is the man that cherishes thy name, Virgin Mary, thy grace will strengthen his soul.

As a garden watered by springs of living water, thou wilt multiply in that soul the sweetest fruits of justice.

Thou art blessed among all women, because of the humble faith of thy holy heart.

For thou art exalted above all women by the beauty of thy person; thou surpassest the angels and the archangels by the excellence of thy sanctity.

Thy mercy and thy grace are celebrated everywhere; God has blessed the works of thy hands.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost, now and always, and from generation to generation. Amen.


Why do our enemies rage, and why have they imagined vain things against us?

May thy right hand protect us, Mother of God, terrible as an army in the battle confound them and destroy them.

Come to her, ye who are in distress and in tribulation, and she will give rest unto your souls.

Have recourse to her in thy temptations, and the serenity of her countenance will strengthen thee.

Bless her with all thy heart, for the entire earth is full of her mercy.

Glory be to the Father, &c.


O, Lady, how are they increased that trouble me; thou wilt reach them, and in thine own time disperse them.

Break the chains of our ungodliness, deliver us from the burden of our sins.

Have pity upon me, Lady, and heal my infirmities; take away the sorrow and agony of my heart.

Deliver me not into the hands of mine enemies, and to the day of my death strengthen my soul.

Conduct me to the door of salvation, and restrain my spirit to my Author and to my Creator.

Glory, &c.


When I called upon thee, thou hast heard me favourably, O Lady, and from the height of thy throne thou hast deigned to remember me.

From the rage of roaring lions ready to devour me, from the hands of those who persecute me, thy grace will deliver me.

Because that thy mercy and thy charity are compassionate towards all those who call upon thy holy name.

Be blessed, O Lady, through eternity, and let thy majesty remain glorified in all ages.

Nations glorify thee in all thy power, and you, people of the earth, exalt her magnificence.

Glory, &c.


Give ear to my words, O Lady, and remove not from me the beauty of thy countenance.

Convert our sorrow into joy, and our tribulation into happiness.

That our enemies may fall beneath our feet, and that by thy virtue their heads may be broken.

That our tongue may bless thee, and that all flesh may confess thy holy name.

For thy spirit is sweeter than honey, and thy heritage surpasseth the honey and its comb.

Glory, &c.


O Lady, permit me not to be delivered over to the fury of God, that I be not judged in his anger.

For the honour of thy name, O Lady, let the fruit of thy glorious womb be propitious.

From the gates of hell and from the abyss, deliver us by thy holy prayers.

That the eternal gates may be opened to us, to the end that we may recount thy marvellous works to all eternity.

For it is not the dead, neither those who are in hell that shall praise thee, O Lady, but those who by thy grace obtain eternal glory.

Glory, &c.


O Lady, I have hoped in thee: deliver my soul from mine enemies.

Shut the mouth of the lion and break his teeth, and close the lips of my persecutors.

Delay not for the honour of thy name, to have mercy upon us.

Let the glory of thy countenance shine upon us, that our conscience may become pure before the Most High.

If the enemy persecute my soul, O Lady, that I may be strengthened by thy power, let not thy sword shine against us.

Glory, &c.


O Lady! it is by thee that our Lord became our brother and our Saviour.

As the fire in the bush was ardent, and as the dew upon the fleece, by thee is descended the Word of God.

The Holy Spirit has rendered thee fruitful, and the virtue of the Almighty has overshadowed thee.

Blessed be thy pure conception, blessed be thy virgin- al delivery!

Blessed be the purity of thy flesh; blessed be the sweet mercy of thy heart.

Glory, &c.


I will confess thee, O Lady, with all the power of my heart; I will recount thy praise and thy glory in the midst of the people.

For to thee are due glory and thanksgiving, and words of praise.

May sinners find pardon before God, by thee, mediatrix of salvation.

That humbly penitent, they may hope in thine indulgence; heal thou their broken hearts.

In the charm of peace, in the richness of repose, thou wilt reassure us after the labours of our pilgrimage.

Glory, &c.


In our Lady I trust, because of the sweet mercy of her name.

Her eyes rest upon the poor, and her hands stretch towards the orphan and the widow.

Enquire after her from thy youth, and she will glorify thee before the face of all people.

That her mercy may put away the multitude of our sins, and that her power, agreeable to God, may confer upon us abundance of merit.

Extend towards us thine arm, Glorious Virgin; and turn not away from us thy glorious countenance.

Glory, &c.


Save me, Mother of divine love, source of clemency and sweetness of piety.

Alone, thou makest the circuit of the entire globe to come to the aid of those who invoke thee.

Thy ways are beautiful, and thy paths are peace.

In thee shineth the glory of chastity, the light of justice and the splendour of truth.

Surrounded by the light of the Sun as a garment, thou emitest rays of glory from thy diadem, to the twelve stars.

Glory, &c.


How long wilt thou forget me, O Lady? Thou wilt not deliver me to the day of tribulation.

How long shall mine enemy be exalted above me? By the power of thy virtue exterminate him.

Open the eyes of thy pity, for fear that our enemy triumph over us.

We glorify thee as the Mother of grace, by whom the aged have been recovered.

Raised above the choir of angels, intercede for us before the throne of God.

Glory, &c.


For the fool who is our enemy, hath said in his heart, I will pursue and will seize the faithful of Christ, and my hand shall kill them.

Rise, Lady; prevent and supplant him: destroy all his efforts.

The sun and the moon admire thy beauty; the angelic powers serve and obey thee.

By thy sweet touch the sick are healed; by thy perfume the dead are raised.

O, Virgin Mother of God! that which the entire universe cannot contain, was enclosed in thy bosom in becoming man.

Glory, &c.


O, Lady, who shall inhabit the tabernacle of God? or who shall repose with the senators of thy people.

The poor in spirit, the pure in heart, the meek, the peaceful and those who weep.

Remember, O Lady, and speak favourably for us, and avert from us the anger of thy Son.

Let us embrace the paths of Mary, sinners, and let us prostrate ourselves at her sacred feet.

Let us attach ourselves strongly to her, and leave her not; until we shall have merited her blessing.

Glory, &c.


Preserve me, O Lady, I have hope in thee, let the dew of thy grace distil upon us.

Thy chaste bosom and thy virgin- al womb have brought forth the Son of the Highest.

Blessed be thy paps, the divine milk of which nourished the Saviour, Jesus!

Celebrate the praises of the glorious Virgin, all ye who mar her have found grace and mercy.

Render honour to her holy name, and sing in choir throughout all ages of her conception and her delivery.

Glory, &c.


O Lady, favourably hear the justice of my prayer, and remove from me tribulations.

I will confess thee with words of joy, when thou shalt have made thy mercy to shine upon me.

Imitate her, holy virgins of God, as Agnes, Barbara, Dorothy, and Catherine should be imitated.

Honour her by the words of thy mouth; thus it is that Agatha, Lucy, Margarita and Cecilia, have obtained her favour.

She will give thee for thy husband, the Son of thy Father, and a crown of incomparable glory formed of the lilies of paradise.

Glory, &c.


I will love thee, Queen of heaven and of the earth, and I will invoke thy name in the midst of the nations.

Celebrate her praises afflicted hearts, and she will strengthen thee against thine enemies.

Distil upon us, O Lady, the favour that flows from thy breast: and may the milk of thy mercy appease the thirst of our children.

Religious orders, honour her; for she is thy protectress and thy patroness.

Be thou our refuge, glorious Mother of Christ; for thou art the admirable support of all religion.

Glory, &c.


The heavens declare thy glory, O Virgin Mary, and the balm of thy perfume is spread over all nations.

Aspire towards her, wandering sinners; she will conduct you to the gate of indulgence.

Touch her tenderness by thy Hymns and thy Psalms, and thy Canticles, and she will shower upon you the favour of her sweetness.

Just ones, glorify her before the throne of God, because you have accomplished your justification by virtue of the fruit of her womb.

Praise her heaven of heavens, and all the earth glorify her name.

Glory, &c.


Favourably hear us, O Lady, in the day of our tribulation, and when we pray to thee, turn towards us thy countenance full of clemency.

Repulse us not at the time of our death, but succour our soul when it shall have abandoned our body.

Send an angel to meet it, and defend it against the enemy.

Shew to it, in his serenity the Judge of Ages, and by thy favour may he accord pardon.

That it may feel in its troubles thy refreshment, and accord to it a place among the elect of God.

Glory, &c.


Lady, our heart revives in thy power; and our soul is consoled in the sweetness of thy name.

From the height of thy throne, send us wisdom by which we may be sweetly illumined by the light of all truth.

Give us grace to abstain from carnal desires, to the end that the light of thy grace may rise in our hearts.

How mild are thy words to those who love thee, O Lady; how sweet are the effusions of thy fervour?

I will sing to thee of glory and honour, and eternally glorify thy name.

Glory, &c.


That God, my God, turns his face towards me, thanks to thy merits, O Mary, always virgin.

O Lady, I have cried to thee day and night: thou hast had mercy upon thy servant.

Because I have hoped in thy mercy, thou hast saved me from eternal disgrace.

My enemies have everywhere derided me, but thou, beneath the shadow of thy hand, thou hast reserved for me a sure retreat.

Let the families of the nations adore thee, and let all the orders of angels glorify thee.

Glory, &c.


The Lord guide me, Virgin Mother of God, because thou hast turned towards me thy favourable countenance.

Blessed be thy luminous eyes, that thou deignest mercifully to incline towards us, sinners.

Blessed be the light and splendour of thy countenance. Blessed be the grace of thy person.

Blessed be the mercy of thy hands; blessed be the source of thy virgin- al milk.

Let the Apostles and Prophets of God praise thee; let the martyrs, the confessors, and the virgins sing unto thee hymns.

Glory, &c.


The earth is the Lord’s and all that is therein; and thou, Holy Mother, thou reignest with him in eternity.

Thou art clothed in glory and beauty; all precious stones form thy garment and thy vestments.

The splendour of the sun is upon thy head; the beauty of the moon is beneath thy feet.

The twinkling of the constellations ornament thy seat; the stars glorify thee, O Star of Morn!

Remember thou us, O Lady, in thy goodness, and render thou us worthy to glorify thy name.

Glory, &c.


Unto thee, O Lady, do I lift my soul; thanks to thy prayers, I shall not blush at the judgment of God.

Let not mine adversaries rejoice over me; for they who trust in thee will be strengthened.

Let not the nets of death prevail against me; and let not the encampments of the wicked stay my steps.

Break their efforts by thy virtue, and succour my soul by thy gentleness.

Be my guide towards my country, and deign to admit me into the assembly of the angels.

Glory, &c.


Judge me, O Lady, for I have wandered from the ways of my innocence; but I have trusted in thee, therefore I shall not fall.

Kindle my heart with the fire of thy love, and encircle my reins with the girdle of thy chastity.

Because thy mercy and thy clemency are before mine eyes, and I rejoice to sing thy praises.

O Lady, I have loved the beauty of thy countenance, and I have venerated thy holy majesty.

Confess her name because it is holy, and because her marvellous works are recounted throughout all ages.

Glory, &c.


O Lady, may the glory of thy countenance be my light, and let the serenity of thy face be reflected upon my spirit.

Raise my heart above my enemies, and I shall sing, I shall sing a psalm in thy name.

Turn not away thy countenance from me, because since my youth I have desired thy beauty and thy virtue.

I have loved thee and sought thee, queen of the heavens, take not away thy mercy and thy grace from thy servant.

Glory, &c.


I have cried unto thee, O Lady, and thou hast favourably heard me; thou rejoicest me by the song of thy praises.

Have pity upon me in the day of my agony, and deliver me by the light of thy truth.

Blessed be thou, O our Lady, from all the ends of the earth.

The sanctuary which strengthens the hands of God, is the holy temple of thy body.

Thy conscience is pure and immaculate; it is the sacred tie of atonement and habitation of God.

Glory, &c.


Offer to our Lady, children of God, offer to our Lady respect and praise.

Give virtue to thy saints, Holy Mother; a blessing to those who praise and glorify thee.

Favourably hear the groans of those who cry after thee, and despise not thou the vows of those who invoke thy name.

May thy hand be ready to succour me, and may thine ear be attentive to my prayer.

May the heaven and the earth bless thee; as well as the sea and the globe of the earth.

Glory, &c.


I will celebrate thee, O Lady, because thou hast protected me: thou hast delivered me from my unjust enemy.

Look with favour upon me, and enliven me; draw me back from the gates of death, and draw me out of the tribulations which environ me.

By the empire and magnificence of thy right, break and disperse all my enemies.

And I will offer thee a sacrifice of praise, and I will devoutly exalt thy glory.

Heavens leap for joy; earth skip with gladness, because Mary rewards her servants, and she has pity on the poor.

Glory, &c.


I have hoped in thee, O Lady, I shall not be confounded everlastingly; receive thou me into thy favour.

Thou art my strength and my refuge, my consolation and my protection.

Deliver thou me from the snare hidden to catch me, because thou art my auxiliary.

Into thy hands, O Lady, I commit my soul, all my life and my latter day.

O Lady, to thee have I cried when my heart was in trouble; and thou heardest me favourably from the eternal hills.

Glory, &c.


Blessed are they who cherish thee in their hearts, O Virgin Mary; their sins will be mercifully effaced by thee.

Holy, chaste, and fruitful is thy womb which produces a perpetual verdant flower.

The glory of thy beauty knoweth no corruption, and the grace of thy countenance never fades.

Blessed be thou, illustrious stock of Jesse, because thou art raised to Him to sit upon the sovereign throne.

O Virgin queen, thou art the voice by whom the supreme salvation has descended from the celestial dwellings to visit us.

Glory, &c.


Rejoice thou just ones, in the Virgin Mary, and celebrate her in the uprightness of thy heart.

Approach her with uprightness and devotion, and let thy heart rejoice in saluting her.

Consecrate to her a sacrifice of praise, and intoxicate thyself with the milk of her sweetness.

She reflects upon you the rays of her piety, and she will illuminate you with the lightning of her mercy.

The fruit she produces is very sweet; it is of exquisite sweetness to the mouth, and to the heart good.

Glory, &c.


I will bless our Lady at all times, and never shall her praise depart from my mouth.

Glorify her with me, all ye who have been nourished with the milk of her consolation.

In peril and in anxiety invoke her; and in thy necessities thou wilt find succour and a sweet refreshment.

Take her conversation for your example, and force yourself to imitate her love of charity and humility.

Because thou hast been the most pure and the most humble Holy Virgin, thou hast obliged the uncreated Word to take flesh in thee.

Glory, &c.


Judge, O Lady, judge mine enemies; rise up against them and avenge my cause.

My soul rejoices itself in thee, and I start with devotion because of thy goodness.

The heavens and the earth are full of thy grace and thy sweetness, everywhere and always thou surroundest with thy benefits.

Indeed, wherever we turn, the fruit of thy virgin- al bosom presents itself to us.

Let us run then, my beloved brothers, and salute this noble and delicious Virgin, to the end we may deserve to repose upon the bosom of her love.

Glory, &c.


The impious has resolved, that he will sin in secret; make him renounce his wicked design, Mother of God.

Incline the face of thy Son towards us; oblige Him to have pity on the sinners.

O Lady, thy mercy shines in heaven, and thy favour is spread upon the earth.

Power and virtue are in thine arm, force and valour in thy right hand.

Blessed be thy empire in the heavens, blessed be thy magnificence in the earth.

Glory, &c.


Enter not into judgment with the wicked, O Lady, soften their fury by thy grace.

Hope in her, nuns and monks; have confidence in her, clergy and laity.

Delight yourself in her praises, and she will favourably hear the desires of your heart.

Little riches with her favour, is better than treasures of silver and precious stones.

Glory be to thee, evermore, Queen of heaven, and grant thou mayest never forget us.

Glory, &c.


O Lady, let not the Lord pursue me in His anger; obtain for us the pardon of our sins.

May all our desires be in conformity with thy wishes, as well as our hope and our confidence.

My heart is troubled within me, the light is departed from my inward parts.

Illumine by thy light my darkness; comfort my afflictions by thy mildness.

Abandon me not, O Lady, Mother of God; may thy grace and thy virtue be on my right hand.

Glory, &c.


I have said, I will perform my vows, O Lady, since the grace of Jesus Christ has been given me by thee.

Thy mildness has endued my heart; thy love has embraced my inward parts.

Favourably hear my prayer, O Lady, and my supplications; and let mine enemies wither with vexation.

Have pity upon me from the height of the heavens, and the height of thy throne, and permit me not to be troubled in this valley of misery.

Keep my ways for fear lest I fall; that at my death thy grace may be present with me.

Glory, &c.


I have waited with confidence for thy grace, O Lady; thou hast acted with me according to the multitude of the mercies of thy name.

Thou hast favourably heard my prayers, and thou hast drawn me from the lake of misery and the ditch of the enemy.

Thy gifts are numerous and admirable, O Lady; the presents of thy favour are incomparable.

Let all those who love thee, rejoice, and joy in thee. Let those who hate thy name be cast into hell.

Blessed be thou in eternity, O Lady; throughout all ages from generation to generation.

Glory, &c.


Blessed art thou, Mary! thou considerest the poor and the indigent who persevere in praising thee.

Sovereign of Angels, Queen of the Earth, purify my heart by the fire of thy love and thy charity.

Thou art the Mother of the splendour that illuminates my heart, thou art the nurse who renews my soul.

My mouth desires to praise thee; my spirit aspires to venerate thee tenderly.

My soul desires to supplicate thee, because all my substance is beneath thy protection.

Glory, &c.


As the hart panteth after the water-brook, so panteth my soul after thy love, blessed Virgin.

For thou art the source of the life of my soul, and the Mother of the Restorer of my flesh.

For thou art the nurse of the Saviour of my soul, the principal and the end of all my salvation.

Favourably hear me, O Lady, and may my difficulties be purified; enlighten me, O Lady, and may my darkness be removed.

That my lukewarmness may be inflamed by thy love; that my torpor may be dissipated by thy grace.

Glory, &c.


Judge me, O Lady, and discern between my cause and that of the perverse generation; deliver me from the malice of the serpent, and the venom of the dragon.

May thy holy fruitfulness exterminate him, and may thy blessed virgin- ity bruise his head.

May thy holy prayers strengthen us against him, and may thy holy merits annihilate his power.

Precipitate the persecutor of my soul into the abyss, let the waters of hell swallow him up alive.

And I will bless thy name in the world of my captivity; and I will glorify thee from generation to generation.

Glory, &c.


O Lady, we have heard with our ears, and our fathers have declared unto us, that thy merits are ineffable and thy marvels are astonishing.

O Lady, thy virtues are innumerable, and thy mercies are inestimable.

Tremble, my soul, and rejoice in her, because great blessings are prepared for those who praise her.

Mayest thou be blessed, thou Queen of heaven and of angels; and may those who praise thy magnificence be blessed of God.

Glory, &c.


My heart hast burst forth in solemn praises, O Lady; it has all been sweetened by the dew of honey.

By thy holiness may my sins be forgiven, and by thy purity may immortality be secured to me.

By thy virgin- ity may my soul be loved by Christ, and may it be associated to him by the tie of love.

By thy fruitfulness may I, a captive, be redeemed by thy virgin delivery; may I be snatched from eternal death.

By thy august progeny, may I the lost be recovered, and from my miserable exile may I be led back to the land of blessedness.

Glory, &c.


O Lady, thou art my refuge in all our necessities; thou art the powerful force that crushes the enemy.

The earth is full of thy goodness, it rises to heaven and penetrates hell.

By the plenteousness of thy grace, that which was in the lower places rejoices in its deliverance.

By the fruit of thy virgin fecundity, that which was beneath the earth rejoices in being restored.

By the glorious delivery of thy holy virgin- ity, men become the companions and fellow citizens of the angels.

Glory, &c.


Clap your hands ye nations, sing praises joyfully to the glorious Virgin:

For she is the gate of life, the threshold of salvation, and the way of our reconciliation;

The hope of the penitents, the consolation of the afflicted, the blessed peace and the salvation of hearts.

Have pity upon me, O Lady, have pity upon me; for thou art the light and the hope of all those who have confidence in thee.

By thy salutary fruitfulness may it please thee to cause the pardon of my sins to be granted to me.

Glory, &c.


Great art thou, O Lady, and wholly to be admitted into the city of the God of heaven, in the universal assembly of the elect.

Thou hast been borne on high, surrounded by angels who sang and repeated hymns; thou hast been guarded by choirs of archangels, and crowned with roses and lilies.

Go to meet her, powers and principalities, go to meet her, virtues and dominions.

Cherubims, Thrones, and Seraphim, exalt her and place her at the right hand of the spouse, her well beloved Son.

Oh, with what a joyful soul, with what a sweet look hast thou received her, God of men and angels; and thou hast given to her the principality over all places in thy dominion.

Glory, &c.


Hear these things, all ye people, give ear, ye who would enter the kingdom of God.

Honour the Virgin Mary, and you will find life and eternal salvation.

Join to Christ thy poor servants, O Lady, by an indissoluble alliance.

Relieve and satisfy the hunger of thy little children by the fruit of thy womb.

Truly thou hast remained immaculate after thy delivery, and a virgin after having had a son.

Glory, &c.


The God of Gods has spoken to Mary by Gabriel his messenger, saying,

Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with thee: through thee is accomplished the regeneration of the world.

Thy beauty and thy sweetness, are the objects of the desires of the Son of the Highest.

Decorate thy bed, daughter of Zion; prepare thyself for the coming of thy God.

For thou shalt conceive by the Holy Ghost, who will render thy conception pure and virgin- al.

Glory, &c.


Have pity upon me, O Lady, thou who art called the mother of mercy;

And by the depths of thy mercy, purify me from all mine iniquities.

Shed thy grace upon me, and refuse me not thy accustomed clemency.

Because I confess my sins unto thee, and accuse myself of my crimes before thee; >

Reconcile me with the fruit of thy womb, and make my peace with him who made me.

Glory, &c.


Wherefore glorifiest thou thyself in thy mischief, cursed serpent, cunning dragon of hell?

Bow down thy head before the woman, whose power will plunge thee into the abyss.

Bruise him, O Lady, by the foot of thy virtue; rise and dissipate his malice.

Crush his power, and reduce to cinders his power.

To the end that we may live and rejoice in thy name, and with a joyful heart sing thy praises.

Glory, &c.


The fool, the enemy, hath said in his heart; I will chase man from the tabernacle of the children of God; I will go and will be a lying spirit, in the mouth of the serpent and by the woman I will overthrow man.

As far as the heavens are raised above the earth, O sinners! so far are the thoughts of God raised above thine.

Glorify not thyself over the fall of the woman, because a woman shall bruise thy head!

Thou hast prepared for her a snare, but thou shalt be taken in the net of her humility.

Glory, &c.


Save me, O Lady, by thy name, and deliver me from my iniquities.

That the cunning of my enemy may not injure me, protect me by the shadow of thy wings.

O Lady, assist me, shed largely thy grace upon my soul.

I will offer unto thee willingly a sacrifice of praise, and I will confess thy name because it is excellent.

For thou hast delivered me from all trouble, and mine eye shall despise mine enemies.

Glory, &c.


Hear thou favourably my prayer, O Lady, and despise not thou my supplication:—

I have been dismayed in my thoughts, because the judgments of God have terrified me.

The shadows of death have surrounded me, and the fear of hell has entirely taken hold of me.

And I in solitude, I wait for consolation; and in the quietude of my bed, I am attentive to thy mercy.

Glorify thy hand, thy right hand and thine arm, to the end that our enemies may be thrown down by us.

Glory, &c.


Be merciful unto me, O Lady, for mine enemies daily tread me beneath their foot; all their thoughts are turned to wickedness against me.

Excite thine anger, and remember war, and shed upon them thy fury.

Renew signs and augment prodigies; that we may feel the assistance of thine arm.

Glorify thy name upon us, to the end we may know that thy mercy remains throughout all ages.

Pour upon us a drop of thy sweetness, thou who art the pledge of grace and of consolation.

Glory, &c.


Be merciful unto me, O Lady, be merciful unto me, because my soul is ready to seek thy will.

And that I have reposed beneath the shadow of thy wings, because thy refreshment is a delight to me.

Thy hands distil the most precious myrrh, and thy fingers the perfume of grace.

Thy gullet is like an open pomegranate; and the breath of thy mouth is an extract of all delicious perfumes.

For thou art the mother of love and the anchor of hope, the door of indulgence and the threshold of salvation.

Glory, &c.


If you indeed love justice, honour the Queen of justice and mercy.

The glory and praises of the Saviour are concerned in all the honour which is imparted to his Mother.

The roses of Martyrs surround thee; O Queen, and the lilies of Virgins encircle thy throne.

Praise her altogether, stars of the morning; do it in concert, all ye sons of God.

Glorify her, heaven and earth, seas and rivers, and the foundations of the earth.

Glory, &c.


Deliver me from mine enemies, Sovereign of the earth; arise and come to my succour, Queen of mercy!

Pure gold shines in thy ornaments; sardonyx and the topaz glitter on thy diadem.

The jasper and the amethyst deck thy right hand, the beryl and the chrysolite thy left.

The hyacinth and the agate are upon thy bosom; the carbuncle glitters on thy neck.

The myrrh, the incense and the balm are in thy hands, the sapphire and the emerald are on thy fingers.

Glory, &c.


O God, thou hast rejected us because of our sins; and thou hast had pity on us because of the Virgin Mary.

Intercede for us, Mary, mother of salvation, thou who hast given birth to the Saviour of man and angels.

For thou sheddest joy on sad souls, happiness and sweet impressions on the afflicted.

Let us rejoice in the delights of thy words, thou inundatest our hearts with rose water.

Thunder thou heavens on high and give homage to her; glorify her, earth, with all thine inhabitants.

Glory, &c.


Favourably hear my prayer, O Lady, establish my understanding upon the immoveable stone.

Be unto me a tower of courage; defend me from the face of my cruel devastator.

Be terrible for Him as an army in battle, and that he may walk alive in the depths of hell.

For thou art beautiful and brilliant; as a cloud dropping dew, as the rising dawn.

Thou art beautiful and brilliant as the full moon; thy sacred countenance shines like the sun.

Glory, &c.


Is not my soul submissive unto thee, O Lady? thou who hast brought forth the Saviour of all men.

Remember thou the lost souls of Eve; favourably hear the sighings of our hearts.

Shed upon us the grace of thy treasures, and by the balm of thy remedies appease our grief.

Give us joy and gladness to confound the enemies of the good.

Wash us from all our sins, heal all our infirmities.

Glory, &c.


God, my Saviour, I will glorify thee because of thy mother.

She conceived thee, while a Virgin, she brought thee forth without grief.

Be blessed, O Lady, and present thyself for us before the throne of God.

Beauty and light are on thy countenance.

Keep my soul, Virgin of goodness, so it may never fall into sin.

Glory, &c.


Favourably hear my prayer, O Lady, when I call upon thee, deliver my soul from the fear of the devil.

Obtain for us, thy servants, peace and salvation at the day of the terrible judgment.

Blessed be thou above all women, and blessed be the fruit of thy womb.

Enlighten, O Lady, enlighten mine eyes, and clear my blindness.

Give me great confidence in thee during my life and at the end.

Glory, &c.


Thou art worthy, O Lady, to be celebrated by the hymns of Zion, and to be praised by the canticles of Jerusalem.

The Lord has committed unto thee the blessing of all nations; praise and glory belong unto thee before all people.

The Lord has blessed thee in his mercy, and he has established thy throne above the orders of angels.

He has placed grace and beauty upon thy lips, he has covered thy body with a mantle of glory.

He has placed upon thy head a radiant crown; he has nobly decorated thee with a necklace of all the virtues.

Glory, &c.


Earth celebrate our Lady; sing hymns in her name, render honour to her majesty.

Blessed be thy heart, O Lady, that heart with which thou hast ardently and sincerely cherished thy Son, the Son of God.

Look upon my poverty, glorious Virgin; delay not to put away from me misery and agony.

Take away my tribulation; soften my languor.

Let all flesh bless thee; let all tongues glorify thee.

Glory, &c.


Lord have mercy upon us, and bless us, and bless us by her who begot him.

Have pity on us, O Lady, and pray for us, convert our sorrow into a sweet joy.

Enlighten me, Star of the sea: illuminate me transcendant Virgin!

Extinguish the fire of my heart, and refresh me by thy grace.

May thy grace always protect me; may thy presence illuminate my last moments.

Glory, &c.


Let Mary arise and let her enemies be scattered; let them all be crushed beneath her feet.

Defeat the efforts of my enemies, O sweet Virgin! and destroy all mine iniquities.

I have cried unto thee, O Lady, in my tribulation, and thou restoredst serenity to my conscience.

Let not thy praises cease out of my mouth, and let not thy love ever abandon my heart.

A profound peace is the lot of those who love thee, O Lady, their souls shall never see external death.

Glory, &c.


Save me, O Lady, because the waters of lust have risen to my soul.

I am plunged into the mire of sin, and the waves of voluptuousness have surrounded me.

I have wept bitter tears during the night; and the day of joy has risen for me.

Save my soul, Mother of the Saviour, for true salvation has been given to the world by thee;

When, at the word of the angel, thou hast been covered with the shadow of the Highest; and thou hast become with child of the wisdom of the Father.

Glory, &c.


O Lady, come to my succour, and illuminate my spirit by the light of thy mercy.

Teach us to search out thy goodness, to the end we may recount thy marvels.

Display thy power against our enemies, to the end that thou mayest be sanctified from afar among all nations.

Let them be plunged into hell, by the flame of thine anger; and let those who trouble thy servants go into perdition.

Have pity upon thy servants, over whom thy name has been called, and let them not be reduced to extremity in their temptations.

Glory, &c.


I have hoped in thee, O Lady; I shall not be confounded for eternity; deliver me and save me, in thy mercy.

Because of the multitude of mine iniquities, I am profoundly oppressed.

Mine enemies have dominion over me; they have insulted me, and every day they have turned me to derision.

See, O Lady, how I am afflicted; stretch forth thy hands, succour me, I perish.

Delay not, for the glory of thy name, to the end that thou mayest be my joy and my salvation.

Glory, &c.


O God! give the King thy judgment, and thy mercy to the Queen his mother.

In thy hands, O Lady, abide life and salvation, perpetual joy, and glorious eternity.

Water my heart with thy sweetness; make me forget the miseries of this life.

Draw me after thee by the cords of thy mercy; and heal my grief by the warmth of thy grace, and of thy piety.

Excite in my soul eternal concupiscence; and intoxicate my spirit with the joys of paradise.

Glory, &c.


Truly the God of Israel is good to those who honour and revere his Mother.

For she is the consolation of our life; and, in our labour, she is the most efficacious succour.

The enemy has veiled my soul in darkness; O Lady, make the light shine into my inward parts.

That by thee the anger of God may be turned from us; appease him by thy merits and by thy prayers.

In the judgment, present thyself for me before mine: take my cause, and be mine advocate.

Glory, &c.


O Lady, wherefore hast thou cast us off; wherefore succourest thou us no more in the day of tribulation?

Let my prayer enter into thy presence; and disdain not the voice of those who weep.

The enemy has drawn his bow against us; he has strengthened his right hand; and for us there is no consolation.

Break in us the chains of his malice; and deliver us by thy right hand.

Cast him into the place of perdition, and let eternal damnation seize him.

Glory, &c.


We will confess thee, O Lady, and we will praise thy name; make us to have pleasure in celebrating thee.

Sing for her, inhabitants of the earth, announce her praise among the people.

Glory and magnificence are in her presence, power and joy are upon her throne.

Adore her in her splendour: glorify the artificer of her beauty.

Recollect evermore her mercy; keep in memory her virtue and her marvels.

Glory, &c.


In Judah is God known, and the honour of his Mother is celebrated in Israel.

Her memory is sweeter than honey and the honeycomb; and her love is above all perfumes.

Salvation and life are in her dwelling; and in her tent are eternal peace and glory.

Glorify her, heaven and earth, because the Sovereign Author has marvellously honoured her.

Give praises to her, creatures, and extol with joy her astonishing mercies.

Glory, &c.


I cried with my voice to our Lady, and she has heard me with her habitual kindness.

She has taken sorrow and affliction from my heart, and she has softened my heart by her sweetness.

She has transformed my timidity into a firm confidence; and by her dove-like look she has restored serenity to my soul.

By her holy aid, I have escaped the perils of death, and I have withdrawn myself from the hand of the cruel enemy.

Thanks be rendered to God, and to thee, pious Mother; for all that I have obtained by thy piety and thy mercy.

Glory, &c.


People of God, listen to the precepts of God, and forget not the Queen of Grace.

Open thy heart to search for her, and thy lips to glorify her.

May her love dwell in our hearts; and the desire to please her.

Her beauty surpasses the sun and the moon; and her attire is an ornament of virtues.

Have pity upon me, Queen of glory and honour, and deliver my soul out of every peril.

Glory, &c.


O Lady, the nations whom thou hast associated to Christ by thy merits; they are entered into the heritage of God.

Let thy words rise softly for me before Him; and reunite me to Him who has redeemed me.

Stretch out thine arm against the cruel enemy, and unveil to me his artifices.

Thy voice is sweet above all melody; the angelic harmony cannot be compared to it.

Distil the sweetness of thy graces upon us, and the freshness and balm of thy perfumes.

Glory, &c.


Thou who governest Israel, listen to me worthily praising thy Mother.

Rise from the dust, O my soul, and walk before the Queen of heaven.

Break the chains from thy neck, O my poor soul; and welcome her by thy glorious praises.

A well of life exhales from her, and salvation comes in profusion from her heart.

By the sweet scent of her perfumes the souls of the dead arise.

Glory, &c.


Exalt our Lady, our protectress; celebrate her in the joy of your heart.

Let thine affections kindle towards her; and she will cover thine enemies with confusion.

Let us imitate her humility, her obedience, and her gentleness.

Every grace shines on her; the extent of her heart passes the extent of all others.

Run to her with eager devotion, and she will give you a share in her benefits.

Glory, &c.


God has stayed in the synagogue of the Jews; and from there, as a rose in the midst of thorns, is come forth the Mother of God.

Purify my foulness, O Lady; thou who emittest rays of perpetual purity.

Make thou this spring of life to flow in my mouth, from whence escape and gush living waters.

All ye who thirst, come to her; and, from her fountain, she will with joy satisfy thy thirst.

He, who from thence draws water, will spring up to eternal life; and he who there drinks will never suffer thirst.

Glory, &c.


Oh Lady, who is like unto thee, thou who, by grace and glory surpassest all creatures?

As far as the heavens are raised above the earth, so far art thou raised and exalted above all things.

Bind my heart with thy love, and render me worthy of thy favour and thy presents.

Let my soul be grounded in thy love, and let my heart be inflamed with desire towards thee.

Make me desire thy glorification and thy honour to the end that by thee I may be received into the peace of Jesus Christ.

Glory, &c.


How amiable are thy tabernacles, Lady of virtues; how admirable are the tents of thy repose.

Honour her, sinners, and she will obtain for you pardon and salvation.

The perfume of her prayers is above incense and balm; her requests never return refused—never ungranted.

Intercede for me, O Lady, with Christ thy Son; and leave me not either in death or in life.

For thy spirit is mercy, and thy grace fills the whole earth.

Glory, &c.


Thou hast blessed thy dwelling, Lord; thou hast consecrated thy habitation.

She is beautiful among all the daughters of Jerusalem; her effulgence is blessed.

Proclaim her blessed, holy angels; glorify her virtues and dominions.

People of all nations, solicit her wisdom, and search out the treasures of her mercy.

Think of her in goodness, and search for her in simplicity of heart.

Glory, &c.


O Lady, incline thine ear and hear me; turn thy face toward me, and have pity upon me.

The dew of thy sweetness charms the souls of the saints, and the infusion of thy charity surpasses the sweetest honey.

The rays of thy glory illuminates the spirit, and the light of thy mercies conducts to salvation.

The source of thy goodness intoxicates those who thirst, and the light of thy countenance turns from sin.

To know and to appreciate thee is the root of immortality; and to recount thy virtues is the way of salvation.

Glory, &c.


The foundations of life in the soul of the just are to persevere in thy love to the end.

Thy favour raises the poor in adversity, and the invocation of thy name, sweeter than honey, fills him with solid confidence.

Paradise is full of thy mercies, and the infernal enemy is confounded by the terror which thou inspirest.

He who hopeth in thee will find treasures of peace; and he who calleth not upon thee in this life, will never enter the kingdom of God.

Make us, O Lady, live in the grace of thy Holy Spirit, and conduct our souls to the blissful end.

Glory, &c.


O Lady, help of my salvation, I have cried unto thee during the day, and during the night.

Let my prayer come unto thy presence; console my sorrow by the appearance of thy face.

Evils are multiplied in my soul, purify it from the stains of its sins.

Let thy virtues pursue our enemies; and let them not hinder our salvation.

Confer upon my soul grace to resist them; strengthen our hearts against the lusts of the flesh.

Glory, &c.


O our Lady! I will sing for ever of thy mercies.

By the balm of thy piety heal the broken hearts; and by the oil of thy mercy appease our sorrows.

Let thy gracious countenance appease me in my last moment; let the beauty of thy face rejoice my soul in the hour of its departure.

Excite my spirit to love thy goodness; excite my intelligence to extol thy nobleness and thine excellence.

Deliver me from all evil tribulation, and guard my soul from every sin.

Glory, &c.


O Lady, thou hast become our refuge in all our necessities.

The diffusion of thy savour produces holy works, and the dew of thy sweetness brings forth chaste affections.

O Lady, I will recollect thy mercies; I will sing to thee a sacrifice of praise, and a hymn of joy.

They who honour thee will exchange their ashes for an immortal crown, and their spirit of affliction for a robe of glory.

They who hope in thee shall be clothed with light; joy and gladness shall be their perpetual lot.

Glory, &c.


He who dwells in the confidence of the mother of God, shall abide under her protection.

The assault of his enemies shall not hurt him; the flying arrow shall not reach him.

For she will deliver him from the ambuscade of his persecutors, and she will cover him with the defence of her wings.

Cry unto her in thy perils, and the plague will not approach thy tent.

He who has hope in her will find the fruits of grace; and the gates of Paradise will be open to him.

Glory, &c.


It is a good thing to confess the Virgin Mary; and to sing of her glory is the happiness of the soul.

To announce her merits pleases the understanding, and the angels of God rejoice to imitate her works.

He who acquires her grace will be recognised by the citizens of Paradise, and He who shall have the seal of her name, shall be written in the book of life.

Rise, O Lady, and judge our cause, and deliver us from those who rise up against us.

Withdraw from the sinner the protection of thy right hand, and receive upon thy buckler the blows of the destroyer.

Glory, &c.


The Lord reigns, and he is clothed with beauty; he has decorated his mother with the attire of virtue.

May the mother of peace accomplish his propitiation upon us; and may she instruct her servants in the voice of equity.

Ye who desire the wisdom of Christ, serve his mother with reverence.

Who will suffice to recount thy works, O Lady? and who will discover the treasures of thy mercy?

Sustain and succour the defaulters in their temptations; direct them towards the regions of truth.

Glory, &c.


The Lord is the God of vengeance; but thou, the benign mother of mercy, thou wilt turn him to pity.

Thy magnificence, O Lady, is celebrated throughout all ages; and they who honour thee will find the road to peace.

Serve her with respectful joy, and the fruit of her holy womb will heal you.

Look upon the humility of thy servants, O Lady, and they will praise thee in the generations of ages.

Glorify thy name by the enumeration of thy graces, and suffer not thy servants to sink in danger.

Glory, &c.


Come, let us celebrate our Lady; let us sing the Virgin Queen, our salvation.

Let us come with gladness before her face; and praise her in our canticles.

Come, let us adore and prostrate ourselves before her; let us confess to her our sins with penitence.

Let us obtain a full indulgence; assist us to the tribunal of God.

Receive our souls at the last day, and introduce us into eternal repose.

Glory, &c.


Sing to her who is full of grace a new canticle; sing to Mary, all ye children of the earth.

Because she surpasses all the angels in sanctity, and all the sons of woman in marvellous virtues and prodigies.

Beauty and glory are in her countenance, and peace in her eyes.

Bring to her glory, nations of the earth; rejoice in her, creatures of God.

For you have by her an admirable alliance; it is through her that ye are called the children of the most Highest.

Glory, &c.


The Lord reigns; let Mary triumph in all the empire of her dominions.

Adore her, inhabitants of the court of Paradise; extol her, virgins, beautiful wives of her sons.

Because she has been elevated above the principalities and the dominions; she has been exalted above the legions of angels and archangels.

Patriarchs and prophets burst into praises of her; make for her a concert, apostles and martyrs of Christ.

Confessors and virgins, say to her a canticle of the canticles of Zion, and render to her grace, holy friars, the triumphs which she has made you obtain.

Glory, &c.


Sing to our Lady a new canticle, because she has done marvels.

She has revealed her mercy in the sight of all nations; to the extremities of the earth her name has been heard.

Remember, O Lady, the poor and the miserable, and sustain them by the succours of thy holy consolation.

And thou, O Lady, who art so sweet and true, patient, indulgent, and full of mercy.

Tread down at our feet the enemy of our soul, and break their pride by thine arm.

Glory, &c.


The Lord reigneth, let the people be never so impatient! Mary sits at his right hand above the cherubims.

Great is thy glory in Zion, O Lady! great is thy magnificence in Jerusalem.

Sing before her, choirs of virgins, and adore her throne for it is holy.

In her right hand is the flaming law, and round about her are millions of saints.

The commands of God are before her eyes, and the rule of justice is in heart.

Glory, &c.


Celebbate our Lady, men of the earth, love her with joy and gladness.

Go to her with all your heart, and keep her way with all your power.

Search for her, and she will manifest herself to you, be pure in heart and she will meet you.

Those to whom thou hast given succour, O Lady, will have the refreshment of peace, and to those from whom thou hast turned away, there will be no hope of salvation.

Remember us, O Lady, and evils will not assail us; succour us at the last day, and we shall obtain life eternal.

Glory, &c.


I will sing of thy mercy and thy justice, O Lady; I will celebrate thee in the gladness of my heart, when thou shalt have rejoiced my soul.

I will praise thy name and thy glory, and thou wilt give refreshment to my soul.

I have been jealous for thy love and thy honour; therefore defend my cause before the judge of ages.

I have been attracted by thy grace, and by thy bounty; I pray thee, let me not be disgraced by my hope and my firm confidence.

Strengthen my soul at the last moments, and make me to see my Saviour in that flesh in which I shall be clothed.

Glory, &c.


O Lady, favourably hear my prayer, and let my cry come unto thee.

Turn not away from me thy holy face; and detest me not because of my abominations.

Abandon me not to the thoughts and designs of mine enemies, and let me not fall under their odious injuries.

They who have confidence in thee, shall not fear the cunning serpent; and those who extol thee by their praises, shall escape from the hands of Acheron.

By thy virgin conception give me an absolute confidence in thee; and by thine admirable delivery, rejoice my soul.

Glory, &c.


O my soul, bless the mother of Jesus Christ; and thou, mine inward parts, glorify her name.

Forget not her benefits, nor her grace, nor her consolations.

Sins are remitted by her grace; and sickness is healed by her mercy.

Bless her, powers of heaven; glorify her, choirs of Apostles and Prophets.

Bless her, seas and isles of the nations; sing a hymn to her, heavens and the inhabitants of the heavens.

Glory, &c.


O my soul, bless the Virgin Mary; her glory and her honour remain for eternity.

Thou art clothed in beauty and grace, O sweet Mary: thou art covered, O Lady, with a dazzling vestment.

From thee proceeds the remedy of sin, and the discipline of peace, and the fervour of charity.

Fill us, thy servants, with holy virtues; and let not the anger of God approach us.

Give the prize of triumph to those who hope in thee; forget them not in the combat of death.

Glory, &c.


Confess our Lady and invoke her name; celebrate her in recounting gloriously her virtues.

Praise her and extol her, virgins daughters of Zion, for she will make you espouse the King of angels.

Honour this Queen filled with grace, and contemplate with reverence her holy countenance.

Everlasting salvation is in thy hand, O Lady; they who would worthily honour thee, will obtain it.

Thy clemency will not exhaust itself through all eternity, neither thy mercy from generation to generation.

Glory, &c.


Confess our Lady, for that is just and good; recount her mercies in the midst of all the tribes of the earth.

Her conversation is far from the impious; her feet never swerved from the ways of the Most High. A running stream of grace flows from her mouth and from her heart, a virgin- al emanation which sanctifies the chaste soul.

The hope of the glory of Paradise, is in the heart of those who devotedly honour her.

Have pity upon us, resplendent Queen of heaven, and give to us the consolations of thy grace.

Glory, &c.


Confess the Lord, for that is just and good, confess his mother, for her mercy is in all ages.

Shew to us innocence and the ways of prudence, O Lady, indicate to thy servants the path of truth and intelligence.

The fear of God enlightens the mind, and thy love rejoices it.

Happy is the man whose service is agreeable to thee! his bones shall be filled with fatness and abundance of grace.

Thy word strengthens the feeble soul, and thy lips satisfies the famished soul.

Glory, &c.


My heart is ready, O Lady, my heart is ready to sing hymns and canticles unto thee.

Thy love is better than all riches; and thy favour is preferable to gold and precious stones.

Blessedness and righteousness are the gifts of God; and sinners who are converted unto thee will obtain the remedy of penitence.

Grace and peace emanate from thee; he who shall have pleased thee shall be far from everlasting perdition.

Be for us a shadow of protection in temptations, let the shelter of thy wings defend us from the seducer.

Glory, &c.


O Lady! despise not my praise, and deign to accept this Psalter dedicated to thee.

Consider the intention of my heart, and make my devotion agreeable to thee.

Hasten to visit thy servants; let them be kept safe and sound under the shelter of thy hand.

Let them receive by thee the illumination of the Holy Spirit, and refreshment against the ardour of lust.

Console our broken hearts, O Lady! and animate them with the balm of thy piety.

Glory, &c.


The Lord has said to our Lady: my mother, sit thou on my right hand.

Goodness and holiness have been loved by thee; therefore thou shalt reign with me in eternity.

An immortal crown shall encircle thy sacred head; and its glory and its splendour will never be extinguished.

Have pity upon us, O Lady, mother of light and glory! enlighten us, Queen of truth and virtue.

Draw from thy treasures, and give us the wisdom of God, and the intelligence of wisdom, and the law of discipline.

Glory, &c.


I will confess thee with all my heart, O Lady, I will glorify thee with all my spirit.

The words of thy grace will be always in my remembrance; and the testimony of thy mercy will live before the throne of God.

It is by thee that redemption has been sent to us from God, therefore repentant people hope in salvation.

The judgment of all those who honour thee is right, and their place is with the angels of peace.

Thy name is glorious and admirable, they who keep it in the depth of their heart tremble not in the moment of death.

Glory, &c.


Blessed is the man who fears our Lady, and blessed is the heart that cherisheth her.

Blessed is the man who does not tire in praising thee, O Virgin, and who does not cease to recount thy virtues.

The light of God is risen in his heart; the Holy Spirit enlightens his mind.

O Lady, pour thy grace upon the poor, warm the famishing and the indigent.

That, thanks to thee, our names may be kept in eternal remembrance, and that our hearts may not tremble at the terrible noise of judgment.

Glory, &c.


Children praise the mother of God: old men, glorify her name.

Blessed be Mary, the Mother of Christ; for she is the way that leads to the country of holiness.

Her throne is raised above the cherubims, and her seat above the cardinal points of heaven.

Her look rests upon the humble; her countenance is turned towards those who have confidence in her.

Her mercy extends over all flesh, and her alms to the extremities of the earth.

Glory, &c.


When my soul departs from this world, come to meet it, O Lady, and receive it.

Console it by thy holy presence: let not the sight of the demons trouble it.

Be to it as a step to reach the kingdom of heaven, and a straight way to go to the Paradise of God.

Obtain for it from the Father the indulgence of peace, and a seat of light in the midst of thy humble servants.

Sustain thy faithful servants before the tribunal of Christ: take their cause into thy hands.

Glory, &c.


I have cherished the mother of God my Lord; the light of her mercy has shone upon me.

The sorrows of death have surrounded me, but the visit of Mary has rejoiced me.

I have suffered peril and affliction; and I have been refreshed by her grace.

Let her name and her memory be in the midst of our heart, and the features of the evil spirit will not injure us.

Apply thyself, O my soul, to her praise, and thou shalt have refreshment in thy last moments.

Glory, &c.


I have believed, for I have published thy praise and thy glory, O Queen, in all the universe.

Have compassion on my soul and direct it; deign to inspire it with thy good pleasure.

Establish it with the alliance of thy peace and thy love; accord to it the remembrance of thine august name.

Of the blessed fruit of thy womb give me my subsistence: and by thine abundant grace soften my soul.

Break the chains of my sins, and by the gift of thy virtue embellish the countenance of my soul.

Glory, &c.


Nations praise our Lady; people glorify her.

For her grace and her mercy are confirmed upon us; her truth remaineth for ever.

He who shall have worthily honoured her shall be justified, but he who shall have neglected her shall die in his sin.

The lips of angels shall recount her wisdom, and all the citizens of paradise shall sing her praises.

They who approach her with a right intention shall not be seized by the exterminating angel.

Glory, &c.


Confess the Lord, for he is good; confess his mother, for her mercy remaineth throughout ages.

Her love chases sin from the heart, and her grace purifies the conscience of the sinner.

The way that leads to Christ is to go to her; he who turns away from her will not find the way of peace.

Let him who is hardened in sin invoke her with importunity, and the light will rise in the midst of his darkness.

Let him who is sorrowful of heart cry to her, and he will be intoxicated with the dew of her sweetness.

Glory, &c.


Blessed are the hearts who try to imitate in their lives the mother of the Saviour.

Blessed are the imitators of her humility; blessed are they who imitate her love.

Blessed are the adepts of her virtues; blessed are those who are conformed to the image of her heart.

Blessed are they who venerate her conception and her delivery; blessed are they who devotedly serve her.

Blessed are they who have hope and confidence in her; blessed are they who shall receive by her eternal happiness.

Glory, &c.


Recompense thy servant, O Lady, revive me, and may I do thy will.

I am a stranger upon the earth, hide not thy love from me.

My soul has desired to celebrate thy praise at all times.

For thou art my salvation in the Lord, and thou hast delivered me, I, condemned to death.

What shall I render unto thee for these benefits, except to give myself entirely to thee? O Lady, accept me.

Glory, &c.


Delineate thou me, O Lady, the law of thy will, thou the most holy amongst saints; and I will follow it always.

Lead me in the path of thy mercies; thou the most beautiful of women, for I have desired thee.

Draw my heart to heavenly love, O Lady, and lead it far from impurity.

See how I have loved thy chastity from my youth, strengthen me in thy mercy.

And I will observe the way of thy commandment in all ages, I will meditate the commands of thy Son for these commands have I cherished.

Glory, &c.


Remember thy word, Queen of Sovereigns; thy word by which thou hast given me hope.

It has powerfully supported me in the waves of the tempests, for it has revived me.

Lying men have surrounded me, and the plagues have accumulated upon me; and here thy hand has delivered.

I have been united for good with those who fear thee, and who keep exactly thy commandments.

The earth is full of thy mercies; also I have sought the way of thy justifications.

Glory, &c.


Thou hast acted with goodness towards thy servant, O Lady; the angels have rejoiced therein.

Teach me the lesson of thy virtues and thy equity; for I have believed thy words above all things.

It is advantageous for me that thou hast humbled me by thy burdens, to the end that I may follow thy example.

They who love thee venerate thy servants; they who shall have hated them will fall into the eternal abyss.

Let the drops of thy clemency descend upon me, and I shall live, for thy holy law is my meditation.

Glory, &c.


My soul has failed upon thy track, O Lady; and if thy mercy had not been immense, I should have perished in mine infirmity.

Mine eyes have failed in thy contemplation; as the leathern bottle in the frost, so my soul appears to thee.

Vivify me according to thy goodness, and I shall not forget thy words, for it is good to attach ourselves to thee.

The world remains by thy providence; for it is thou who at the beginning founded it with God.

I am wholly thine, O Lady: save me; for thy praise is delightful to me during the time of my pilgrimage.

Glory, &c.


How have I loved thy law, O Lady; thy meditation is always present to me.

The affluence of thy kindness has transported my soul far from me, and my flesh has marvellously rejoiced in thee.

Let thy words be sweet to the sinners, O Lady; thy help is agreeable to my lips above all melody.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and an ineffable light unto my ways.

How often have the sinners of hell insulted me, because I have not wished to swerve from thy love! But, I have always hoped in thee, O Lady.

Glory, &c.


I have held the wicked in hatred; and I have loved thy way, gracious Lady!

Help me, and I shall be saved, Queen of the world, and I will meditate the honour of thy commands.

Make me to live always in thy fear; leave me not, O Virgin, to my calumniators.

I am thy slave; I am the least in thy family.

Guard me, O Lady, from those who neglect the judgments of thy justice.

Thou despisest all those who go from thy service, because their conduct is unjust.

Glory, &c.


Thy testimonies are admirable; sweet mother, my heart has been enlightened by thy discourses.

Thy face shall be implored by all the rich of the people, and the sons of kings praise thy looks.

An ardent word comes with vehemence from thy lips; he who hastens to go to thee shall sum them up.

I am before thee an agitated reed; keep me under thy yoke, O Lady, and I shall not be confounded.

The dragons of hell attack thy servants more than others: but thou, O Lady, defend us.

Glory, &c.


I have cried unto thee with all my heart, O Lady; draw me from all my perils by thy mercy.

Favourably hear the voice of my sighing, O Lady; teach me that which is agreeable unto thee at all times.

Salvation is far from those who are ignorant of thee; they who persevere in thy service will escape perdition.

Thy mercy waters the entire universe, O Lady; vivify me by thy salutary power.

The beginning of thy words is eternal truth; I have not forgotten thine immaculate law.

Glory, &c.


The princes have persecuted me in vain, and the evil spirit trembles at the invocation of thy name.

A profound peace is reserved for those who venerate thy name, Mother of God, and there is no offence in them.

Seven hours a day have I sang thy praises, O Lady; give me intelligence according to thy worth.

Let my prayer come into thy presence; to the end that thou abandon me not, O Lady, during all the days of my life; for mercy and truth are thy ways.

Glory, &c.


It is to our Lady that I address myself in my tribulations; she has favourably heard me.

O Lady, deliver us from all evil, every day of our lives.

Break the heads of our enemies by the invincible strength of thy foot.

As thy spirit has rejoiced itself in God thy Saviour; so deign to shed in my heart a real joy.

Approach the Lord to pray him in our favour, to the end that by thee our sins may be blotted out.

Glory, &c.


I have raised mine eyes towards thee, Mother of Christ, by whom all flesh has received consolation.

Give to us thy succour and thy grace in all our tribulations.

Guard us, Virgin Mary, our Lady, so that we fall not into the snares of sinners.

Sleep not, and let not the pupil of thine eye slumber, so that we may always be guarded by thy protection.

Let every tongue of angels and of men praise thee, and let all bow themselves before thee.

Glory, &c.


I rejoice myself in thee, Queen of Heaven, because, under thy guidance, we will go through the house of the Lord.

Jerusalem, ‘celestial city,’ we march towards thee, under the auspices of Mary.

Obtain for us, O Virgin, peace and indulgence, as well as victory and the triumph over our enemies.

Strengthen and console our hearts by thy sweetness and thy piety.

Shed thy clemency upon us, O Lady; in such a manner that we may die devotedly in the Lord.

Glory, &c.


I have lifted mine eyes unto thee, Queen of Gentleness, who reignest with thy Son in the heavens.

May our succour be in the virtue of thy name; let all our works be directed by thee.

Blessed be thou in heaven and on earth, on the sea, and in all deeps.

Blessed be thy fruitfulness; blessed be thy virgin- ity and thy purity.

Blessed be thy sacred body; blessed be thy most holy soul.

Glory, &c.


If our Lady had not been with us, innumerable perils would have surrounded us.

Virgin, be thou our defence; be thou for us with God a powerful advocate.

Shew us thy mercy, O Lady, and strengthen us in thy holy service.

May the holy angels bless thee in heaven; may all men bless thee on the earth.

Deliver not to the beasts the souls of those who have confidence in thee; let the lips of those who sing to thee never close.

Glory, &c.


They who confide in thee, Mother of God, will not tremble before the enemy.

Rejoice, shout for joy, all you who cherish her; for she will succour thee in the day of tribulation.

Remember thy mercies, O Lady; soften the exile of our pilgrimage.

Turn towards us thine amiable countenance; confound and destroy all our enemies.

Blessed be the works of thine hands, O Lady: blessed be thy holy marvels!

Glory, &c.


In turning towards us thy countenance full of serenity, thou wilt rejoice us, virgin Mother of God.

Blessed be thou, Sanctuary of Christ, above all the women of the earth.

Blessed be thy glorious name which the mouth of the Lord has marvellously pronounced.

Let not thy praise cease from our lips, and let not thy love desert our hearts.

They who love thee will be blessed of the Lord; and they who will love thee will not be disappointed in their desire.

Glory, &c.


Had not our Lady built the mansion of our hearts, its walls would not have remained.

Edify us by thy grace and thy virtues, to the end that we may stand firm for ever.

Blessed be thy discourse, and blessed be all the words of thy mouth.

Let those who bless thee be blessed of God, and let them be counted among the number of the just.

Bless, Lady, those who bless thee; and turn not away ever from them thy gracious countenance.

Glory, &c.


Blessed are those who fear thee, O Lady; blessed are those who know and will do thy will, and thy good pleasure.

Blessed be the father and mother who begat thee; their memory shall endure for ever.

Blessed is the womb which carried thee; and blessed are the paps which thou hast sucked.

Turn thy mercy towards us, and be favourable to the prayers of thy servants.

See and consider our reproach, efface all our iniquities.

Glory, &c.


Often mine enemies have attacked me during my youth, deliver me, O Lady, and revenge me on them.

Let them not have power over my soul; keep me within and without.

Obtain for us the pardon of our sins: and may the grace of the Holy Spirit be given to us by thee.

Make us worthily and sincerely to repent, to the end that we may be united to God by a blessed end.

And shew to us the glorious fruit of thy womb, appeased and full of sweetness.

Glory, &c.


From the depths of the abyss have I cried unto thee, O Lady, listen to my voice.

Let thine ears be attentive to the song of thy praise and thy glory.

Deliver me from the hand of mine enemies; confound their talent, and the efforts they make against me.

Save me in the evil day; and at the moment of death forget not my soul.

Conduct me to the gate of salvation, and let my name be inscribed among the just.

Glory, &c.


O Lady, my heart is not haughty, and mine eyes are not proudly lifted up.

The Lord has blessed thee in his strength; he, who by thee has reduced all our enemies to nothingness.

Blessed be him who has sanctified thee, and who has made thee to proceed immaculate from the bosom of thy mother.

Blessed be him who has covered thee with his shadow, and made thee fruitful by his grace.

Bless us, Our Lady, and strengthen us in thy grace, to the end that we may be presented by thee before the face of the Lord.

Glory, &c.


O Lady, remember David, and all those who call upon thy name.

Give us confidence in thy name, and let our advertsaries be confounded.

Console us during our earthly pilgrimage, and relieve our poverty.

Give us the bread of tears, Holy Virgin, and the sorrow for our sins, in the earth of our exile.

Render the blessed fruit of thy womb propitious to us, so that we may be filled by the grace of the Holy Spirit.

Glory, &c.


How good and pleasant it is, Mary, to cherish thy name!

Thy name, it is a perfume poured out; it is an odour of aromatics, to those who love thee.

How great are the multitude of good things thou hast prepared, O Lady, for those who cherish and hope in thee!

Be the refuge of the poor in tribulation, for thou art the help of the unhappy and the afflicted.

That they find, I pray thee, grace before God, who invoke thee in their necessities.

Glory, &c.


Bless now, Our Lady, all ye who hope in her holy name.

Rejoice with great joy, ye who extol and glorify her; because you shall be satisfied with the milk of her consolations.

Behold how she turns upon you the floods of her sweetness, to console and rejoice your hearts.

Bless her, all ye her servants, and let a remembrance of her be always in the desires of thy soul.

Bless her, angels and saints of God; praise her marvels throughout all ages.

Glory, &c.


Praise the name of the Lord; bless the name of Mary, his mother.

Be constant in prayer to Mary, and she will excite in you imperishable joys.

Let us come to her with a contrite heart, and the desire to sin will no more stimulate us.

They who contemplate her in the calmness of their mind, will find sweetness and the repose of peace.

Aspire towards her in all our actions, and she will open to us the porch of the conquerors.

Glory, &c.


Confess the Lord, for he is good; for his mercy is distributed by his sweet Mother, the Virgin Mary.

Obtain for us the friendship of Jesus Christ, and preserve us, that we lose not our innocence.

Destroy our enemy by thy power; that he attack not in us the virtue of chastity.

Preserve in us the gifts of nature; and let the gifts of grace be multiplied by thee.

Enlighten our paths and our ways, to the end that we may know the good pleasure of God.

Glory, &c.


By the rivers of Babylon, the Hebrews have wept: for us, let us weep over our iniquities.

Let us humbly cry to the Virgin Mother; let us offer to her our tears and our sighs.

There is no propitiation without her; there is no salvation without the fruit of her womb.

By her, sins are blotted out: and by the fruit of her womb, souls are purified.

By her, is made the satisfaction of sins; and by the fruit of her womb, health is restored to the soul.

Glory, &c.


I will confess thee with all my heart, Lady; because, thanks to thee, I have felt the clemency of Jesus Christ.

Lady, listen to my prayers, and I will sing thy praises in the presence of the angels.

In the day when I shall have invoked thee, favourably hear me and multiply strength in my soul.

Let all tongues and all tribes confess thee, for it is through thee that salvation has been rendered to us.

Deliver thy servants from all trouble, and make them live under thy peace and thy protection.

Glory, &c.


Lady, thou hast searched me and thou hast known me; thou hast known my ruin and my disobedience.

Thy mercy has been abundant upon me; and thy clemency is extended upon me.

Thine eye has seen my imperfections, and thine eyelids have known my ways.

Let us receive the Holy Spirit, by thine interposition, the abundance of holy desires, and let not the stain of guilt soil our conscience.

Let the light of thy mercy give serenity to our hearts, and let the sweetness of thy peace recreate us.

Glory, &c.


Deliver me, O Lady, from the wicked man; and defend me from the infernal enemy.

The enemy has bent his bow against me, and in his perfidy he lays snares for me.

Restrain his odious strength and powerfully frustrate his cunning.

Let his iniquity recoil upon his own head; and let him fall into the ditch which he has digged for me.

For us, let us rejoice in thy service, and let us glory in thy praises.

Glory, &c.


Lady, I have cried unto thee, favourably hear me; listen to my prayer and my request.

Let my supplication rise as an incense towards thy face, at the hour of evening and morning sacrifice.

Let not my heart be drawn away by the words of the wicked, and let not the perfidies of thought pervert my understanding.

Make me obey the good pleasure of thy heart, and conform me to thy actions.

Penetrate my heart with the sword of the Spirit; and influence my mind with the great clear fire of charity.

Glory, &c.


I have elevated my voice to our Lady, and I have humbly supplicated her.

I have shed my tears in her presence, and I have exposed my grief to her.

The enemy has laid snares on my track, and he has spread his net against me.

Aid me, Lady, that I fall not before him; make him to be bruised under my feet.

Draw my soul from prison, that it may confess thee; that it may celebrate in eternity the Lord, the strong God.

Glory, &c.


Lady, favourably hear my prayer; lend an ear to my supplication.

The evil spirit hath persecuted my life; he has arrested my thoughts upon the earth.

He has blackened me with his darkness; and my soul has been thrown into extreme agony.

Turn not away thy face from me, to the end that I fall not with those who will descend to the infernal lake.

Send thy light and thy grace, and repair anew my life and my conscience.

Glory, &c.


Be blessed, Lady, who instructeth thy servants to fight, and who strengthened them against the enemy.

Put him to flight by thy thunders and thy lightnings; throw thine arrows to pierce him.

Make illustrious from on high thy hand, to the end that thy servants may sing thy praises and thy glory.

Raise our affections above earthly possessions; nourish our inward parts with eternal delights.

Kindle in our hearts the desire of things above, and deign to refresh us with the joys of paradise.

Glory, &c.


I will extol thee, Mother of the Son of God; and every day will I sing thy praises.

Generations and people will praise thy works, and the isles will be in expectation of thy mercy.

The angels will make known the abundance of thy goodness, and the saints will publish thy sweetness.

Our eyes hope in thee, our Lady; send us the nourishment and the good of delight.

Let my tongue sing thy praise; I will bless thee from generation to generation.

Glory, &c.


My soul, praise our Lady; I will glorify her as long as I live.

Cease not to celebrate her praises, and think of her every moment.

When my soul leaves this body, may it be commended to thee, Lady, and guide it to unknown lands.

Let not its past faults trouble it, and let not the approaches of the evil spirit disquiet it.

Conduct it to the gate of salvation, and let it await there with security the coming of the Redeemer.

Glory, &c.


Praise our Lady, for it is useful to address hymns to her; let our praise be beautiful and agreeable to her.

For it is her who carries relief to the afflicted hearts, and who reanimates them by the balm of pity.

Her virtue is great, and her clemency has no limits.

Celebrate her with joy, sing a psalm in her praise.

Her kindness is upon them that fear God, and upon those who hope in her mercy.

Glory, &c.


Jerusalem, praise our Lady; glorify her from the depths of the heart, O Zion.

For it is she who constructed thy walls and who blessed thy sons.

She renews thee and nourishes thee by her favour, and she gives peace to thy frontiers.

The Most High has sent his word, and her virtue he has covered with his shadow.

Let us raise our hearts and our hands towards her that we may feel her influence.

Let us glorify all her mercies, and let us bless all her goodness.

Glory, &c.


Praise our Lady in the highest heavens, glorify her in the supreme dwellings.

Praise her, men and beasts, birds of the sky and fish of the sea.

Praise her, sun and moon, stars and the orbits of the planets.

Praise her, cherubims and seraphims, thrones, dominions and powers.

Praise her, legions of angels; praise her, orders of celestial spirits.

Glory, &c.


Sing to our Lady a new song; her praise is celebrated in the assembly of the just.

Let the heavens rejoice in her glory; let the isles of the sea and the entire universe.

Let the water and the fire praise her, also the cold and the heat, the splendour and the light.

Let her triumphs be in the mouth of the just, and her praises in the circle of the conquerors.

City of God, rejoice thyself in her, and make thy inhabitants repeat hymns without ceasing.

Glory, &c.


Praise our Lady in her holiness: praise her in her virtue and her miracles.

Praise her senate of the Apostles; praise her choirs of Patriarchs and Prophets.

Praise her army of Martyrs; praise her troops of Doctors and Confessors.

Praise her, college of Virgins and chaste men; praise her, orders of anchorites and of monks.

Praise her, all who belong to convents; praise her, all the souls of the citizens above—let every spirit praise our Lady.

Glory, &c.

Prayers & Devotions