Most Sacred Heart


Revealed to the pious, God-loving Sister Mary Magdalen of the Sancta Clara Order, Franciscan, who lived, died and was beatified in Rome. Jesus fulfilled the wish of this Sister who desired ardently to know something about the secret tortures which He endured the night before His death.

Jesus related: “The Jеwѕ considered Me as the most wretched man living on earth, so that is why:

  1. They fastened My feet with a rope and dragged Me over the stepping stones of the staircase, down into a filthy, nauseating cellar.
  2. They took off My clothing and stung My body with iron joints.
  3. They attached a rope around My body and pulled Me along on the ground, from end to end.
  4. They hanged Me on a wooden piece with a slipknot until I slipped out and fell down. Overwhelmed by this torture, I wept bloody tears.
  5. They tied Me to a post and pierced My body with various arms.
  6. They struck Me with stones and burnt Me with blazing embers and torches.
  7. They pierced Me with awls; sharp spears tore My skin, flesh and arteries out of My body.
  8. They tied Me to a post and made Me stand, barefoot, on an incandescent metal-sheet.
  9. They crowned Me with an iron crown and wrapped My eyes with the dirtiest possible rags.
  10. They made Me sit on a chair covered with sharp pointed nails, causing deep wounds in My body.
  11. They poured on My wounds liquid lead and resin and, after this torture, they pressed Me on the nailed chair, so that the nails went deeper and deeper into My flesh.
  12. For shame and affliction, they drove needles into the holes of My uprooted beard. Then they tied My hands behind My back and led Me walking out of prison with strikes and blows.
  13. They threw Me upon a cross and attached Me so tightly that I could hardly breathe anymore.
  14. They threw at My head as I lay on the earth, and they stepped on Me, hurting My breast. Then, taking a thorn from My crown, they drove it into My tongue.
  15. They poured into My mouth the most immodest excretions, as they uttered the most infamous expressions about Me.”

Thеn Jеsus addеd:

“My daughter, I desire that you let everyone know these Fifteen Secret Tortures, in order that everyone of them be honored.

“Anyone who daily offers Me, with love, one of these sufferings and says with fervor the following prayer, will be rewarded with eternal glory on the day of judgement.”


My Lord and my God, it is my unchangeable will to honor You in these Fifteen Secret Torments when You shed Your Precious Blood: As many times as there are grains of sand around the seas, as grains of wheat in the fields, as blades of grass in the meadows, as fruit in the orchards, as leaves on the trees, as flowers in the garden, as stars in the sky, as angels in Heaven, as creatures on earth. So many thousands of times may You be glorified, praised and honored, O most love-worthy Lord Jesus Christ—Your Holiest Heart, Your Precious Blood, Your Divine Sacrifice for mankind, the Holiest Sacrament of the Altar, the Most Holy Virgin Mary, the nine glorious choirs of Angels and the Blessed Phalanx of the Saints, from myself and everyone, now and forever, and in the eternal ages.

In like manner, I desire, my dear Jesus, to give You thanksgiving, to serve You, to repair and atone for all ignominies, and to offer You my soul and body as Your possessions forever.

Likewise, I regret all my sins and beg Your pardon, O my Lord and my God. And I offer You all the merits of Jesus Christ to repair everything, to obtain a happy dying-hour and the deliverance of the souls from Purgatory.

This prayer I desire to renew at each hour until my death, O lovable Jesus. Sweet Savior, fortify my resolution and permit not that neither wretched men nor Satan destroy it. Amen.


Messianic Prophecy, Wisdom 2:12-22

(Wisdom 2:12) Let us therefore lie in wait for the just, because he is not for our turn, and he is contrary to our doings, and upbraideth us with transgressions of the law, and divulgeth against us the sins of our way of life.

(Luke 11:53-54) And as he was saying these things to them, the Pharisees and the lawyers began violently to urge him and to oppress his mouth about many things, Lying in wait for him and seeking to catch something from his mouth, that they might accuse him.

(Wisdom 2:13) He boasteth that he hath the knowledge of God, and calleth himself the son of God.

(John 10:36) Do you say of him whom the Father hath sanctified and sent into the world: Thou blasphemest; because I said: I am the Son of God?

(Wisdom 2:14) He is become a censurer of our thoughts.

(Matthew 9:4) And Jesus seeing their thoughts, said: Why do you think evil in your hearts?

(Wisdom 2:15-22) He is grievous unto us, even to behold: for his life is not like other men's, and his ways are very different. We are esteemed by him as triflers, and he abstaineth from our ways as from filthiness, and he preferreth the latter end of the just, and glorieth that he hath God for his father. Let us see then if his words be true, and let us prove what shall happen to him, and we shall know what his end shall be. For if he be the true son of God, he will defend him, and will deliver him from the hands of his enemies. Let us examine him by outrages and tortures, that we may know his meekness and try his patience. Let us condemn him to a most shameful death: for there shall be respect had unto him by his words. These things they thought, and were deceived: for their own malice blinded them. And they knew not the secrets of God, nor hoped for the wages of justice, nor esteemed the honour of holy souls.


“St. Ambrose, writing of the Passion of Our Lord, says that Jesus Christ has followers, but no equals. The saints have endeavored to imitate Jesus Christ in suffering, to render themselves like him; but who ever attained to equalling him in his sufferings? He truly suffered for us, more than all the penitents, all the anchorites, all the martyrs have suffered, because God laid upon him the weight of a rigorous satisfaction to the divine justice for all the sins of men: The Lord laid on Him the iniquity of us all [Isa. liii. 6]. And, as St. Peter writes, Jesus bore all our sins upon the cross, to pay our punishment with his most holy body: He Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree [I Pet. ii. 24]. St. Thomas writes that Jesus Christ, in redeeming us, not only accomplished the virtue and infinite merit which belonged to his sufferings, but chose to suffer a depth of pain which might be sufficient to satisfy abundantly and rigorously for all the sins of the human race. And St. Bonaventure writes: ‘He chose to suffer as much pain as if he himself had committed all our sins.’ God himself thought right to aggravate the pains of Jesus Christ, until they were equal to the entire payment of all our debts; and thus the prophecy of Isaias was fulfilled: The Lord was pleased to bruise Him in infirmity [Isa. liii. 10]. When we read the lives of the martyrs, it seems at first as if some of them had suffered pains more bitter than those of Jesus Christ; but St. Bonaventure says that the pains of no martyr could ever equal in acuteness the pains of our Saviour, which were more acute than all other pains. In like manner, St. Thomas writes that the sufferings of Christ were the most severe pains that can be felt in this present life. Upon which St. Laurence Justinian writes that in each of the torments which Our Lord endured, on account of the agony and intensity of the suffering, he suffered as much as all the tortures of martyrs. And all this was predicted by King David in a few words, when, speaking in the person of Christ, he said, Thy wrath is strong over Me; Thy terrors have troubled Me [Ps. lxxxvii. 8, 17]. Thus all the wrath of God, which he had conceived against our sins, poured itself out upon the person of Jesus Christ; and thus we must interpret what the Apostle said, He was made a curse for us [Gal. iii. 13]; that is, the object of all the curses deserved by our sins.” (St. Alphonsus Liguori, The Passion and the Death of Jesus Christ)

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