“Others are said to receive the Holy Eucharist in spirit only: they are those who, inflamed with a lively faith that worketh by charity, participate in desire of this celestial food, from which they receive, if not the entire, at least very considerable fruit.” (Catechism of the Council of Trent)



My Jesus, I believe that thou art in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love thee above all things, and in my soul I desire thee. Since I cannot receive thee now sacramentally, come at least spiritually to my heart. I embrace thee as already there and unite myself wholly to thee; do not permit that I may ever be separated from thee.

Jesus, all my good and all my love,
Wound, inflame this heart of mine,
That it may all and always burn for thee.


O my sweet Saviour Jesus Christ, thou who art my sovereign Good, the Fountain of all goodness, my God and my all, I most firmly believe, that for us sinners, and for our salvation, thou wast pleased to come down from heaven, to take upon thee, by the mystery of thy incarnation, our human nature, and to become one of us, that so thou mightest be our High-Priest and our victim. I most firmly believe that thou offeredst thyself upon the cross, a sacrifice for us all, after having suffered many cruel torments for us; and that by thy glorious resurrection and admirable ascension, thou hast opened the gates of heaven for us. I most firmly believe, that in these sacred mysteries thou art truly and really present, and that thy sacred body and blood are here offered up in sacrifice, and verily and indeed received by the faithful in remembrance of thy death. O how happy are those souls who worthily receive thee in this divine sacrament! O what graces, what sanctity do they receive from this fountain of all holiness! O that I were so happy as to be worthy to approach this day thy heavenly banquet, and to feed on the food of life, the bread of angels! But, alas! I am the most wretched of all sinners, who, from my first coming to the use of reason, to this hour, have in innumerable ways offended thee, my God. My soul is overspread with an universal leprosy, covered on all sides with ulcers, and is unclean and filthy beyond measure; and therefore infinitely unworthy to approach the Lord of all purity and sanctity. In this lamentable state that I am, I dare not so much as look up towards thy altar, much less approach it; but with eyes and heart cast down, and with a deep sense of my manifold treasons, and great unworthiness, I humbly beg pardon of thee for all my sins, and implore thy mercy. O fountain or mercy, have compassion on me, and suffer me at least to sigh after thee, and though I am unworthy of thy embraces, permit me, like the penitent Magdalen, to present myself at least at thy feet, and wash them in spirit with my tears! O may thy sacred blood, which thou hast shed for all sinners, cleanse my poor soul this day from all its filth! O come to me, dear Lord, in spirit, and take possession of all the powers of my soul! Recollect my memory to thee, enlighten my understanding, and inflame my will with thy love. O let me be thine, and thou mine, from henceforth and for ever; and grant that nothing in life or death may ever separate me from thee any more. In this one prayer, hear me, O Lord; and in all things else do with me what thou wilt.

(The Raccolta, 1903.)